Uwe Maier - Amtraq Distribution

The New Heritage offers us as a agency the opportunity to obtain direct feedback from end consumers and to test the reactions to our products. But the fair also has a wholesale function so we have been able to make some new contacts with retailers.

Claus Meyer – Brütting Diamond Brand

The New Heritage is the perfect platform for us to enter into a personal and direct exchange with our end consumers and to establish contacts with new business partners. 

Christian Geyr – Noodles, Noodles & Noodles Corp.

A format such as New Heritage also appeals to people who are not yet familiar with the scene and the products. We meet many new, enthusiastic visitors at the fair who are inspired by the exhibitors and products they find here..

Benjamin Chamberlain – Clutch Café

The New Heritage is a great opportunity to take our products on the road and to show people who we are and what we do. We have met many new, enthusiastic visitors and it is great how interested they are in our products and the store, Clutch Cafe. 

Yvonne von Langsdorff – Zehnle von Langsdorff

At the New Heritage you will find so many authentic products and their manufacturers. Each one is special, nothing is trimmed to mass-produced goods.