wouter Munnichs aka long john: Heritage is a way of life

Nowadays people are more and more aware of what they eat, how they want to live and what they buy in general. They want to feel comfortable with their purchases. Feeling comfortable with the product goes further than only the product itself.

The right feeling about a product is the total feeling, from A to Z. From the type of cotton from a pair of jeans, to the factory circumstances and how the employees are treated, how the jeans is made, to the mindset of the stores where the jeans is available. This process of slow fashion gets more attention and support from people than before. This trend will be a new standard for conscious people. Its a new businessmodel for a lot of brands. They're focussing on quality, durable and sustainable aspects in the total chain. Its about quality over quantity.

​                                                                                                                                            Wouter Munnichs, Founder of www.long-john.nl

One of the good aspects of this trend is that people are buying products that last a long time. Products that give you joy at many moments. Moments in life that give you a feel good feeling. Moments in life that are precious for yourself and your beloved ones. 

With my platform Long John I want to celebrate those kind of initiatives and products and I want to connect people with the same interests. People with a similar lifestyle, because that's what it is: a way of life. It goes further than only the product. In some ways the product becomes a part of yourself. It reflects a period in your life. Just like your favorite pair of jeans. The wear and tear from your jeans reminds you of specific moments. Moments which are an important or funny part of your lifetime. 

The group of those likeminded people is getting bigger and bigger every day. They want to be part of a community. A community that shares the love for quality, details and a way of thinking. The heritage of the products is important. Sometimes it is about authentic heritage and sometimes about new heritage. In the tradeshow New Heritage all those aspects, thoughts and spirits are coming together. Like a family. The New Heritage is a gathering of a group of people, a melting pot, which celebrates craftsmanship. Crafted goods. Quality. Heritage is a way of life.

Text: Wouter Munnichs - www.long-john.nl

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